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Phantom is a popular self-custodial wallet designed for the Solana blockchain. It is presently available as a free browser extension for Brave, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera Browser. Users can mana

What Makes the Phantom Wallet Different from Others?

Following are some of the top services provided by Phantom: ‍Swap Tokens You can swap tokens on Solana using the wallet's in-built DEX (decentralized exchange). The wallet lets you swap between Raydium, USDC, Serum, USDT, Solana, and others. The in-built DEX of the Phantom Wallet has facilitated token swaps and eliminated the requirement to connect to additional decentralized apps or move funds. Users only require sufficient SOL (Solana token) to pay the relatively low transaction prices. ‍Stake Solana The wallet enables users to stake SOL in the web app, where they can generate interest on their funds. To stake Solana, you choose a validator from the supported menu. Before picking up a validator for staking, it's better to do some research work. ‍Compatibility with Ledger Ledger is a hardware wallet supported by Phantom. This means users can keep their assets safe in the confines of a Ledger wallet. Before connecting to the Ledger wallet, you must install the app from Ledger Live. Then you can pair and connect the Phantom Wallet and address. ‍User-friendly App With the Phantom for iPhone and Android mobile app, you can quickly use a digital currency wallet and your desired Web3 Applications. You can do everything with this mobile app on a desktop PC, like swapping, receiving, sending, and earring.

How to Download the Phantom Wallet Extension

You must download and install the wallet extension or mobile app on your PC or smartphone to use the wallet. You can download the app via the App/Play Store. To download the extension, follow the steps below. Firstly, you must move to a web browser on which you want the Phantom Wallet extension. Next, you should go to the official website using the URL On the main page, you can choose the desired browser icon. After that, follow the prompts on your screen to download the wallet extension.

How to Connect Phantom Wallet with Ledger

To begin, you must download the Soalan App on the Ledger hardware wallet. Then, navigate to the Settings section on Ledger and set the Allow Blind Sign to Yes. Connect and unlock the Ledger wallet. Next, launch the Phantom Wallet Extension or app and tap on the Menu/Burger icon at the top of your wallet. After this, tap the Add/Connect Wallet button and pick the Link the hardware wallet option. Pick your Ledger hardware wallet and hit the Connect tab when asked to choose a USB device. Lastly, you must pick the address you wish to use, and your Ledger wallet will automatically connect. Note: You can connect the Ledger hardware device with Brave, Chrome, and Edge.

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